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Amana Air Conditioners

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Amana Air Conditioners

Amana makes a few different kinds of air conditioners, the efficiency of which is measured by the SEER rating. This acronym stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and reflects the proportion of energy used that that translates directly into cooling. A higher SEER implies greater energy efficiency.

Amana's air conditioners range from 13 to 18 SEER. All models are AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute) certified and ETL (originally of ETL Testing Laboratories, now of Intertek testing services) listed.

ASX13 and ASX14

The Amana ASX13 is a basic air conditioner with a relatively low SEER of 13. It uses choline-free R-410A refrigerant. It also features insulation to decrease escaping operating noises.

It uses a Copeland® ComfortAlert system for monitoring the environment and making changes as necessary

The next model is slightly more efficient:14 SEER. It also has a better warranty and perhaps slightly more durable parts.

ASX16 and ASXC16

These air conditioners operate at 16 SEER efficiency. That is, 16% of the energy fed into the units manifests directly as cooling in the building to which they are attached. This efficiency level earned Amana an EnergyStar rating from the government.

This model includes a switch for high or low pressure, along with a fan that can operate at high or low speeds. The two-stage system increases energy efficiency, because the device is not required to operate at full power on days that aren't all that hot.

The system uses ComfortAlert diagnostics, but is also compatible with the ComfortNet home monitoring system.

Set-up and maintenance are made easier by color coded terminals and a light-up diagnostic panel.

ASX18 and ASXC18

These models are the top of the line for Amana. They have SEERs of 18 and all of the same features of the above versions. In addition, they come with ambient temperature sensors.

These units are supposedly designed to be particularly quiet. They have insulation on multiple levels that dampens the typically loud noises associated with air conditioners. The lowest figure cited in the manual is 71 decibels. This number is not actually lower than the figure cited for the least expensive model.


Amana makes a separate line of air conditioners called distinctions. These models range from 13 to 16 SEER in their efficiency. They are different in appearance though, with black exteriors instead of gray.

They can apparently also be distinguished from the other models by their inclusion of particular metallic features, such as copper tubing, aluminum coils, and brass connectors.

Care and Maintenance

Amana recommends having regular inspections performed on all of its air conditioners. The more consistent the inspections the greater the chance of uncovering leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires, corroded electrical contacts and any other problems that can compromise the units functionality.


The most basic model (ASX13) comes with a ten-year limited warranty for its parts. The better models also come with a limited lifetime unit replacement warranty.

The warranties for the Distinctions series increase with expense. The GSX13 has a ten-year parts warranty. The GSX14 also has a ten-year compressor warranty. The SSX14 and SSX16 have lifetime compressor warranties.

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