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Best Heat Pumps: 2018

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Updated: Mar 9, 2018

We have collected thousands of reviews from homeowners and contractors, and we track more than 500 different series of heat pumps, sold under 74 different brand names. Which heat pumps do our reviewers rate most highly?

The list below represents the top-rated heat pumps sold in the US and Canada. The list includes units with a cooling efficiency ranging from 15 to more than 23 SEER. The units also vary in heating efficiency from 8.5 - 13 HSPF.

Rank Brand and Series Rating Cooling Efficiency
(max SEER)
Heating Efficiency
(max HSPF)
Sound Rating (decibels) Average Pricing
10. Amana ASZ16 3 out of 5 up to 16 9.0 as low as 72 not available
The Amana ASZ16 heat pump was designed with energy savings in mind with features such as the high-efficiency Scroll compressor and copper tubing on the "enhanced" aluminum fin coil. The SmartShift feature keeps the defrost mode quiet, while a sound control top ensures the unit operates as noiselessly as possible.
9. Carrier Infinity 3.05 out of 5 up to 20.5 13 as low as 58 $8,000 installed
The Infinity series is compatible with Carrier's Hybrid Heat system, which increases efficiency by gauging the outside air temperature and deciding whether it's more efficient to use the electric heat pump or another heat source, such as a gas furnace. All sizes and models of the Infinity heat pump have earned the Energy Star qualification.
8. Trane XR15 3.2 out of 5 up to 16 9.5 as low as 75 $6,150 (installed)
The XR15 heat pump from Trane features the company's Climatuff compressor and Spine Fin coil to ensure the unit's durability and reach Energy Star qualifications when installed as part of a qualifying system. The unit is protected by weather-resistant components and louvered panels around all sides and has a corrosion-resistant DuraTuff basepan.
7. Goodman DSZC18 3.25 out of 5 up to 18 9.5 72 - 75 $2,586
Goodman's DSZC18 heat pump features a two-stage UltraTech Copeland scroll compressor with short-cycle protection. The unit is compatible with Goodman’s ComfortNet Communications System, which monitors the system and allows contractors to accurately troubleshoot problems. A high-density foam compressor sound cover, an efficient fan motor, and a wire fan discharge grille help provide quiet operation.
6. York LX 3.3 out of 5 up to 16 9 as low as 69 $1,984
The York LX heat pump features a compact design which increases installation flexibility. The unit's compressor is protected by high and low pressure switches and a liquid line filter drier, and a swept wing fan design, rigid top panel and isolator mounted compressor help keep sound levels low.
5. Coleman Echelon 3.7 out of 5 up to 20 11 as low as 69 not available
Coleman's Echelon is an Energy Star rated heat pump, with the HC20 model earning the Energy Star Most Efficient 2018 label. It features the Echelon Residential Communicating Control, which allows the system to be controlled remotely, and with the WhisperDrive comfort system, which uses a swept wing fan and composite base to silence vibrations.
4. Coleman LX 4.1 out of 5 up to 16 9 as low as 76 not available
The Coleman LX is Energy Star qualified in select models and features a single-stage scroll compressor. A high pressure relief valve and a filter drier help protect the compressor, while a swept wing fan blade, rigid top panel, and sound blanket help lower operating noise.
3. York Affinity YZH 4.2 out of 5 up to 18 10 as low as 68 $5,300
The York Affinity YZH is a two-stage heat pump with powder-coat paint finish to protect against corrosion, and relatively low operating noise. It was recognized as an Energy Star Most Efficient product of 2015.
2. Comfortmaker Performance 4.5 out of 5 up to 15 8.5 as low as 69 not available
The Comfortmaker Performance is a single-stage heat pump featuring high and low pressure switches and a filter drier for system protections. It is dual-fuel capable with a compatible furnace and thermostat. A galvanized steel cabinet with baked-on powder coat finish protects the unit from weather hazards.
1. Lennox XP25 5 out of 5 up to 23.5 10.2 as low as 58 not available
The Lennox XP25 is a variable capacity heat pump which maintains set temperatures within half a degree. It is dual-fuel capable when installed with a compatible furnace and is solar ready. The XP25 has earned the Energy Star Most Efficient 2018 label.


Consumers and homeowners have submitted thousands of reviews to this site. In addition to reviewing a particular model of equipment, the reviewer also assigns a rating from 1 ("Very Unsatisfied") to 5 ("Very Satisfied"). The following list ranks the top 10 heat pumps from lowest to highest rank, based on the average of those consumer satisfaction ratings.

We have only included a series on this list if we have at least 5 reviews of that series, and if the series has not been discontinued. If we only have a few reviews, there is a risk that a single homeowner will skew the average rating too far in one direction or another.

Pricing Information

The pricing information comes from two sources: vendors that sell heat pumps directly, and homeowners that have received quotes to have heat pumps installed.

In general, we prefer to quote prices from vendors. This allows homeowners to understand roughly how much of a contractor's quote is for equipment and how much is for labor. However, many distributors do not publish prices publicly, which makes it difficult to display accurate pricing.

Our second source of pricing information -- quotes by contractors to homeowners -- can still give homeowners a good sense of average pricing. However, the price range in quotes tends to be larger. Some homes need ductwork installed; others need both a heat pump and an air handler installed; some contractors charge a higher overhead; there are many potential reasons for the variance.

Sound Rating

The sound rating is measured in decibels and provided by the manufacturer. The lower the number of decibels, the quieter the unit. In most cases, the sound rating is presented as a range, or "as low as" a number of decibels. This is because (typically) the more BTUs / hour of output a unit generates, the louder it is. In addition, a heat pump is part of a heating and cooling system, and the unit must be paired with a quiet air handler to perform most quietly.

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