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Tappan Air Conditioners, Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Updated: Jul 22, 2015
By Gary Sprague
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Tappan is a manufacturer of heating and cooling products, including furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps. Tappan is a brand name of Nortek Global HVAC, a subsidiary of Nortek, Inc. In 2014 Nortek Global HVAC had net sales of approximately $569 million, which accounted for 22.3% of Nortek's total net sales.

Corporate History

In 1881, in Bellaire, Ohio, W. J. Tappan sold his wood- and coal-burning stoves door-to-door. During the World Wars, the Tappan company supplied cooking equipment to the U.S. armed forces. In 1955, Tappan introduced the microwave and revolutionized cooking. Five years later the company invented electronic ignition for stoves. Tappan became SJC Corp in 1979. In 1998, the Nordyne group, under license from White-Westinghouse, revived the Tappan name. In 2015 Nordyne changed its name to Nortek Global HVAC.

Product Lines

Tappan's Tech Series furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps are targeted to the energy-conscious consumer. Tappan gas furnaces have up to 97 percent AFUE and come with Beckett burners and permanently lubricated motors; the units function quietly. Tappan's highest performing air conditioners can reach 25.5 SEER and feature sound levels as low as 59 decibels. Promoted as easy to maintain, these units are finished with thermosetting powder coat paint for durability and resistance to scratches. The service parts are externally accessible.

Environmental Impact

Tappan promotes a number of green features among its highly efficient HVAC units; the "ecoLogic" seal refers to the company's highest tier of efficient products. Other features include iSEER, which boosts the cooling efficiency, and the iQ drive.

How to find an HVAC Contractor

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Contacting TAPPAN

Tappan Heating and Cooling Customer Service
8000 Phoenix Parkway
O'Fallon, MO 63366

Phone: (636) 561-7300


Tappan furnaces are backed with an all-parts warranty, which holds good for 10 years, with either a 20-year or lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. Tappan guarantees replacement of the entire unit if the compressor fails in the first five years. Warranty registration is required to receive the full benefits. Extended product protection is available.

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